Frequently asked questions

  • Is anyone using AQUATHERMAT® for finished production, not just rooting?

    Yes, a lot of growers use AQUATHERMAT® both for rooting and for finished production.  AQUATHERMAT® not only stimulates the root system, it promotes also the development of the leaves and size of the stems!

  • I have some fears about growing crops with different watering needs on the same mat.  Is this a concern I should have?

    You can grow differrent crops on the same mat, as long as they have the same pot dimension and the same watering needs.  Annuals in 4'' pots grown with a crop in 10'' pots wouldn't be appropriate.

    Therefore, we recommend splitting your growing area in different sections.  For example, if you work with with a bench of 100 feet, you can use 4 mats of 25 feet (4 manifolds) so you can adjust your irrigation accordingly to the type of crop you are growing.

  • Can the mat be allowed to dry out between crop cycles/seasons?

    Yes.  A complete disinfection must be done between each crop and before storage.  When the mat is completely dry, we recommend rolling it up to store it in a tempered room id unused for a prolonged time.  Adding a wetting agent to the irrigation water will help to humidify the mat at first use (10 ppm).

  • Do you provide any other components besides the mat itself?

    For AQUATHERMAT®, a pair of manifolds 3/4'' comes with the mat.  Thermobarb brass adapters are included with the manifolds.

  • We grow hanging baskets in our greenhouse.  Is this something we should consider when installing AQUATHERMAT®?

    The water draining above the growing surface may create algae formation on the top layer because of water surplus.