Aquathermat : Prix du Ministre en horticulture ornementale 2008 - Produit horticole innovateur.

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We are proud to announce that the 2008 Edition of the Minister’s Award for ornamental horticulture has been awarded to the AQUATHERMAT® irrigation and root-heating system.

The award was presented officially during the Souper des lauréats of the Exposition commercial de l’horticulture du Québec on the 19th of November at the Hôtel des Seigneurs in St-Hyacinthe. This  award is presented to companies which have introduced an innovative product or service to the horticultural industry.

AQUAMAT: The 2005 Minister’s Award in ornamental horticulture – innovating horticultural company.
AQUAMAT : New Product Contest 2005. International Irrigation Show, Phoenix (AZ).

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