Root Zone Heating and Irrigation System

An efficient solution combining both an irrigation system and a root heating system. Energy savings of more than 45%!

Aquathermat is the best solution to substantially improve your results in propagation of cuttings, seedlings, plant forcing and to shorten the production cycle. The results of various research studies demonstrate the positive impact of heating the substrate. By comparing plants produced on a normal table to those produced on Aquathermat, it is shown that root and foliar development is clearly superior in plants grown on heated capillary mats. The combination of heating and irrigation makes it a unique product that saves energy while increasing the number of plants that can be marketed in a shorter period of time. Start growing differently with Aquathermat.


How does
it work?

1. Irrigation

Water is brought inside the capillary mat by an irrigation system composed of microperforated hoses integrated into the mat. When Aquamat is installed outside, rainwater is also absorbed by the mat. Therefore, there is no loss of water

2. Absorption and diffusion

A reservoir layer with an exceptional retention capacity promotes efficient and uniform water distribution over the entire surface of the mat. A waterproof polyethylene film prevents water from escaping and eliminates fertilizer leaching.

3. Capillary rise

A second low-density textile, fused with the previous layer, ensures the diffusion of water by capillarity while preventing evaporation. The reservoir layer allows water to penetrate inside the mat, but releases it only under the pressure of the pots and multicells deposited on the mat. The water is thus conveyed to the substrate through the drainage holes under the pots and multicells.

4. Heated pipes

The heated pipes that circulate the hot water form a loop controlled separately from the irrigation part. Since the irrigation water is present at all times in the capillary mat, it is heated perfectly evenly by the heated pipes. The result is a very uniform production with a very high success rate.

Why choose Aquathermat as your irrigation system?

 Reduction of cycle time

Increasing the number of marketable plants by accelerating production is crucial to the profitability of horticultural production. The irrigation and root heating system allows a significant reduction in the production cycle since the heat is distributed directly to the roots, resulting in a significant gain in root mass. The perfectly uniform heat combined with ideal humidity results in very fast rooting and a recovery rate of almost 100%. By adjusting the production schedule to the accelerated growth of plants grown with Aquathermat, it is possible to obtain a considerable reduction in heating costs, since the start of the crop occurs during a period that is not as cold. Choose a system combining irrigation and root heating and shorten your production cycles.

 Energy saving

With conventional irrigation systems, the ambient air must be constantly heated to ensure ideal growing conditions for the young plants. By opting for our system, which combines irrigation and root heating, the heat goes directly under the containers leading to optimal efficiency. The ambient air temperature can thus be set to upwards of 8 degrees below the usual temperature. The energy savings are substantial while improving the growth rate of young plants.

 Optimization of performance

By optimizing your energy and material resources with Aquathermat, you will significantly improve your profitability. On average, our customers achieve a return on investment between six to eighteen months. Our Aquathermat irrigation and root heating system allows an optimized use of resources, reducing the need to heat ambient air and ensuring efficient irrigation by directly heating the plant substrate. This proven technology greatly reduces the production cycle, provides a marked increase in the number of marketable plants and provides significant energy savings.

Uses and applications

Our solutions for greenhouses

Large-scale production greenhouses are constantly facing the same challenge, increasing plant production in an economic context where water, labour and energy resources are increasingly costly and limited. Thanks to our patented technologies, we have cleverly rethought the use of resources ensuring a significant economic and productivity gain, without compromising our environment. Discover our sustainable solutions tailored for greenhouses.

Greenhouses applications

Our solutions for nurseries

We believe that the future of the industry is gearing towards resource maximization and eco-responsible production. Many nurseries still use irrigation methods that waste water and fertilizer, contributing to both profitability and eco-responsibility issues. Aquamatsystem’s solutions are designed to rethink the use of resources in order to offer efficient irrigation. Eco-responsible solutions for tomorrow’s businesses. Discover our solutions for nurseries.

Nurseries applications

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