Our complementary products

Horticultural products with high added value to be used in a variety of contexts.

Géotextile tissé

Woven geotextile

Our range of woven geotextiles used as ground cover helps keep production areas cleaner and reduce the incidence of disease while making surface cleaning much easier.

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Aquasani disinfection mats for horticulture and agriculture

Aquasani was designed with the same flooding concept as Aquamat. It allows a good contact of disinfectants with shoe soles, cart wheels and light machinery. This reduces the spread of disease. Easy to fill, thanks to the opening at the top.

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Aquasani - Matelas de désinfection pour l’horticulture et l’agriculture
Protection hivernale Hibertex Pro

Hibertex Pro winter protection

Our harsh winters can cause frost damage and plant dryness. Our Hibertex Pro winter canvases are specifically designed to reduce sudden temperature changes and reduce moisture loss underneath, allowing you to quickly improve the profitability of your business.

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Microfab: the ultimate solution to root invasion

Microfab is a woven geotextile coated with a microperforated polyethylene coating. Microfab is a powerful anti-rooting and anti-vegetation product designed primarily to stop root migration to the surface, without the use of chemicals. Perforated with multiple microscopic holes, this coating allows water, air and fertilizer to infiltrate plant roots more easily. A product that saves a lot of labour, while reducing handling stress on plants.

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Microfab : la solution ultime à l’envahissement racinaire