Garden Centres

An orientation that is both economical and environmentally conscious

Garden centres are constantly looking for solutions to improve their performance. Manual irrigation methods can cause many production and sanitation problems. Aquamatsystem offers customized solutions to support garden centres in a more profitable and sustainable management of their plants. Discover our solutions for garden centres.


Irrigation and water conservation system

Eliminate wasted time and maximize the return on your workforce.

Garden centres face several challenges, including the scarcity of labour, whether for sales or for plant maintenance and watering. Hand watering is very labour intensive. In addition to this major challenge, current methods have several drawbacks, such as numerous hoses on the ground, a wet and dirty circulation surface and plants affected by diseases or leaf spots. Did you know that these constraints are mainly caused by hand and sprinkler irrigation systems? Aquamatsystem offers a capillary mat irrigation solution designed to optimize the use of resources and reduce the need for labour.

Our customers can vouch for this!

Saving in labour costs


Our irrigation solutions are permissible and facilitate daily operations. Your staff will be able to move freely on the capillary mat and use the necessary equipment, such as a cart, to harvest the plants without fear of disturbing the drip system.

Reduction in water and fertilizer use


Our irrigation systems naturally optimize the use of resources, unlike most irrigation systems that can result in up to 70% water loss. They eliminate the possible loss of water and fertilizers, creating much more efficient irrigation systems.

Cleaner and drier environment


Environnement plus propre et secs

By using a capillary mat irrigation system, there is no need to water by hand. Our technology saves you several inconveniences such as many hoses on the ground and a wet and dirty work surface. Water is entirely reserved for its recipient: the plant!

Our proven solutions chosen by our customers

Cevasco Greenhouse (CA) - Aquamat

Cevasco Greenhouse (CA) - Aquamat

County Farm Plant (GA) - Aquamat

County Farm Plant (GA) - Aquamat

Easter Lilies (MI) - Aquamat

Easter Lilies (MI) - Aquamat

Fisher Nursery (CA) - Aquamat

Fisher Nursery (CA) - Aquamat

Kube Park Growers (NJ) - Aquamat

Kube Park Growers (NJ) - Aquamat

Discover our complementary products

Woven geotextile

Our range of woven geotextiles used as ground cover helps keep production areas cleaner and reduce the incidence of disease while making surface cleaning much easier.


Hibertex Pro winter protection

Our harsh winters can cause frost damage and plant dryness. Our Hibertex Pro winter canvases are specifically designed to reduce sudden temperature changes and reduce moisture loss underneath, allowing you to quickly improve the profitability of your business.


Microfab: the ultimate solution to root invasion

Microfab is a woven geotextile coated with a microperforated polyethylene coating. Microfab is a powerful anti-rooting and anti-vegetation product designed primarily to stop root migration to the surface, without the use of chemicals. Perforated with multiple microscopic holes, this coating allows water, air and fertilizer to infiltrate plant roots more easily. A product that saves a lot of labour, while reducing handling stress on plants.


Woven Geotextile


Patented technology tied to advanced expertise

Are you considering changing your current irrigation system or acquiring a new one for your facility? Let our technical expert advise you with our customized solutions adapted to your business.

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