High-performance solutions designed to maximize the use of resources.

Large-scale production greenhouses are constantly facing the same challenge, increasing plant production in an economic context where water, labour and energy resources are increasingly costly and limited. Thanks to our patented technologies, we have cleverly rethought the use of resources ensuring a significant economic and productivity gain, without compromising our environment.


Irrigation and water conservation system

Aquamat is a high-performance irrigation system designed as a capillary mat. Aquamat provides exceptional results: saving labour, water and fertilizer, uniform crops, and reducing the incidence of leaf and root diseases. Aquamat addresses environmental concerns regarding water conservation and the leaching of fertilizers into the environment. Quite appreciated and used by production greenhouses, its autonomous system reduces the need for human resources. Our customers get a return on investment within 6 to 18 months, depending on the type of production. Discover the advantages of using Aquamat as an irrigation system in your production greenhouse!

Irrigation and root heating system

Our irrigation and root heating system shortens the crop production cycle, improves the number of marketable plants, and reduces heating costs by creating a microclimate at the root level of plants, cuttings and seedlings. By optimizing your energy and material resources with Aquathermat, you will significantly improve your profitability. On average, our customers achieve a return on investment between 6 to 18 months.

Our customers can vouch for this!

Saving in labour costs

Saves up to 92% in labour costs

Our irrigation solutions are permissible and facilitate daily operations. Your staff will be able to move freely on the capillary mat and use the necessary equipment, such as a cart, to harvest the plants without fear of disturbing the drip system.

Reduction in water and fertilizer use

Up to 70% reduction in water and fertilizer use

Our irrigation systems naturally optimize the use of resources, unlike most irrigation systems that can result in up to 70% water loss. They eliminate the possible loss of water and fertilizers, creating much more efficient irrigation systems.

Reduction of heating costs

Reduction of heating costs by up to 45%

With conventional irrigation systems, the ambient air must be constantly heated to ensure ideal growing conditions for the young plants. By opting for our system that combines irrigation and root heating, the heat goes directly under the containers. The ambient air temperature can thus be set by up to 8 degrees lower than the usual temperature.

Our proven solutions chosen by our customers

Kube Park Growers (NJ) - Aquamat

Kube Park Growers (NJ) - Aquamat

Fisher Nursery (CA) - Aquamat

Fisher Nursery (CA) - Aquamat

Easter Lilies (MI) - Aquamat

Easter Lilies (MI) - Aquamat

Cevasco Nursery (CA) - Aquamat

Cevasco Nursery (CA) - Aquamat

Cevasco Greenhouse (CA) - Aquamat

Cevasco Greenhouse (CA) - Aquamat

Discover our complementary products

Woven geotextile

Our range of woven geotextiles used as ground cover helps keep production areas cleaner and reduce the incidence of disease while making surface cleaning much easier.

Complementary products

Aquasani disinfection mats for horticulture and agriculture

Aquasani was designed with the same flooding concept as Aquamat. It allows a good contact of disinfectants with shoe soles, cart wheels and light machinery. This reduces the spread of disease. Easy to fill, thanks to the opening at the top.

Complementary products

Woven Geotextile


Patented technology tied to advanced expertise

Are you considering changing your current irrigation system or acquiring a new one for your facility? Let our technical expert advise you with our customized solutions adapted to your business.

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