Green roofs

Efficient and eco-responsible irrigation solutions for green roofs.

Green roofs are an option increasingly used in infrastructures. While they have many advantages, they also face irrigation challenges. Since most plants do not have equal watering needs, it becomes difficult to ensure an adequate water supply without wasting water. Our solutions rethink the use of resources to simplify this process, while ensuring efficient irrigation.

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Irrigation and Water Conservation System

A simple, effective and durable solution.

Plant irrigation is a major challenge in the implementation of a green roof. Wind, high evaporation rate and environmental conditions are the main factors affecting the irrigation method. Aquamat is a system that can be easily integrated into plant containers or under plant trays, eliminating the possible loss of water and fertilizer, creating a much more efficient and sustainable irrigation system. It is the simple and easy solution for plant irrigation on green roof structures.

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Provides a pleasant and sustainable environment


Our systems are placed under the plant containers, thus limiting the space required for installation and promoting a pleasant environment. Although plants have different watering needs, our systems provide constant and uniform irrigation to promote plant development and growth.

reduction in water and fertilizer use


Our irrigation systems naturally optimize the use of resources, unlike most irrigation systems that can result in up to 70% water loss. They eliminate the possible loss of water and fertilizers, creating much more efficient irrigation systems.

Reduces energy costs related to air conditioning


Plants on roofs help to reduce heat gain caused by the sun on the roofs. Temperature differences observed can be as much as 16 °C for green roofs compared to bare roofs. By ensuring constant and uniform irrigation to the plants, our solutions maximize the performance results of green roofs, resulting in energy savings related to air conditioning.

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