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Irrigation and Water Conservation System


Root Zone Heating and Irrigation System

Uses and applications

High-performance solutions designed to maximize the use of resources.

Large-scale production greenhouses are constantly facing the same challenge, increasing plant production in an economic context where water, labour and energy resources are increasingly costly and limited. Thanks to our patented technologies, we have cleverly rethought the use of resources ensuring a significant economic and productivity gain, without compromising our environment. Discover our sustainable solutions tailored for greenhouses.

Greenhouses applications

An orientation that is both economical and environmentally conscious.

Garden centres are constantly looking for solutions to improve their performance. Manual irrigation methods can cause many production and sanitation problems. Aquamatsystem offers customized solutions to support garden centres in a more profitable and sustainable management of their plants. Discover our solutions for garden centres.

Garden centres applications

Reduce water loss and fertilizer leaching.

We believe that the future of the industry is gearing towards resource maximization and eco-responsible production. Many nurseries still use irrigation methods that waste water and fertilizer, contributing to both profitability and eco-responsibility issues. Aquamatsystem’s solutions are designed to rethink the use of resources in order to offer efficient irrigation. Eco-responsible solutions for tomorrow’s businesses. Discover our solutions for nurseries.

Nurseries applications

Efficient and eco-responsible irrigation solutions for green roofs.

Green roofs are an alternative increasingly used in infrastructures. While they have many advantages, they also face irrigation challenges. Since most plants do not have equal watering needs, it becomes difficult to ensure an adequate supply of water without wasting it. Our solutions rethink the use of resources to simplify this process while ensuring efficient irrigation.

Green roof applications

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Patented technology tied to advanced expertise

Are you considering changing your current irrigation system or acquiring a new one for your facility? Let our technical expert advise you with our customized solutions adapted to your business.

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Our proven solutions chosen by our customers

Takao Nursery (CA) - Aquathermat

Takao Nursery (CA) - Aquathermat

Sunlet Nurseries (CA) - Aquamat

Sunlet Nurseries (CA) - Aquamat

McCorkle Nursery (GA) - Microfab

McCorkle Nursery (GA) - Microfab

Easter Lilies (MI) - Aquamat

Easter Lilies (MI) - Aquamat

Cevasco Nursery (CA) - Aquamat

Cevasco Nursery (CA) - Aquamat

Belmont Nursey (CA) - Aquamat

Belmont Nursey (CA) - Aquamat

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