Irrigation and water conservation system

The most efficient solution to increase profitability, save water and contribute to sustainable production.

The Aquamat irrigating capillary mat has been specially designed for the cultivation of container plants. Contrary to conventional irrigation systems that can result in up to 80% water loss (too fast drainage or loss between plant spaces), Aquamat allows water to be captured and stored inside the capillary mat. Custom-made for each greenhouse operation, it provides many advantages to increase the overall performance of your operation while reducing your impact on the environment. Get a technology adapted to your situation, ready to install.


How does
it work?

1. Irrigation

Water is brought inside the mat by an irrigation system composed of microperforated hoses integrated into the mat. When Aquamat is installed outside, rainwater is also absorbed by the mat. There is therefore no loss of water!

2. Absorption and diffusion

A reservoir layer with an exceptional retention capacity promotes efficient and uniform water circulation over the entire surface of the mat. A waterproof polyethylene film prevents water from escaping and eliminates fertilizer leaching.

3. Capillary rise

A second low-density textile, fused with the previous layer, ensures the diffusion of water by capillarity while preventing evaporation. The latter allows water to penetrate inside the mat, but releases it only under the pressure of the pots deposited on the mat. The water is thus conveyed to the substrate through the drainage holes under the pots.

Why choose Aquamat as your irrigation system?

 Labour saving

The profitability of horticultural production in times of labour shortage is difficult. It is necessary to know how to maximize high value tasks and eliminate the time spent on manual irrigation. Our Aquamat irrigation system allows workers to focus on other aspect of daily operation instead of watering. In addition to being easy to install, it is permissible and facilitates daily operations. Indeed, due to its unique design, your staff will be able to move freely on the capillary mat and use the necessary equipment such as a cart to harvest plants without fear of disturbing the drip system. As Aquamat ensures uniform development of the plants under culture, you will save time in preparing your orders. Aquamat is the right choice to facilitate the work of your employees and reduce your labour costs.

 Water and fertilizer savings

Water conservation is a major societal issue. Faced with this fact, Aquamat proposes a system that completely rethinks the use of resources, unlike most irrigation systems that can result in up to 80% water loss. Aquamat eliminates the possible loss of water and fertilizers, making it a much more efficient irrigation system. Aquamat consists of four layers with an integrated polyethylene film as the base layer. This technology also reduces fertilizer requirements by up to 50%. These resource savings translate directly into higher yields for users.

 Optimizationof performance

With our Aquamat irrigation system, our customers achieve a return on investment within 6 to 18 months, depending on the type of production. Il also reduces the need for manual watering, which means less labour and an increase in marketable plants. By optimizing resources, you will see a faster growth of plants, due to the absence of water stress, and a decrease in diseases and leaf spots. Increasing production by reducing the resources needed reveals the intelligence behind this technology.

Uses and applications

Our solutions for greenhouses

Large-scale production greenhouses are constantly facing the same challenge, increasing plant production in an economic context where water, labour and energy resources are increasingly costly and limited. Thanks to our patented technologies, we have cleverly rethought the use of resources ensuring a significant economic and productivity gain, without compromising our environment. Discover our sustainable solutions tailored for greenhouses.

Greenhouses applications

Our solutions for garden centres

Garden centres are constantly looking for solutions to improve their performance. Manual irrigation methods can cause many production and sanitation problems. Aquamatsystem offers customized solutions to support garden centres in a more profitable and sustainable management of their plants. Discover our solutions for garden centres.

Garden Centres applications

Our solutions for nurseries

We believe that the future of the industry is gearing towards resource maximization and eco-responsible production. Many nurseries still use irrigation methods that waste water and fertilizer, contributing to both profitability and eco-responsibility issues. Aquamatsystem’s solutions are designed to rethink the use of resources in order to offer efficient irrigation. Eco-responsible solutions for tomorrow’s businesses. Discover our solutions for nurseries.

Nurseries applications

Our solutions for green roofs

Green roofs are an alternative increasingly used in infrastructures. While they have many advantages, they also face irrigation challenges. Since most plants do not have equal watering needs, it becomes difficult to ensure an adequate supply of water without wasting it. Our solutions rethink the use of resources to simplify this process while ensuring efficient irrigation.

Green roofs applications

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