User comments

Richard Carroll

Carroll Brothers Nursery, Clearwater (Florida, U.S.A.)


"With AQUAMAT® under my outdoor gardenia crop, I cut water use 95 % with 90 % moisture uniformity compared to overhead which gave 60 % uniformity.

Compare to drip irrigation with 80 % moisture uniformity, we saved 78 % of water with AQUAMAT®.  Total runoff control, faster uniform crops was the icing."



Daniel Lemieux,
Les Serres Daniel Lemieux, St-Rémi (Québec, Canada)

House plants, tropical plants, bougainvilleas, annual plants, hanging baskets, etc.


«As a company owner, I first of all expect a quick return on my investment when I integrate a new technology into my business. I am very impressed with the lowering of our heating expenses and by the superior growth rate of our plants since we use AQUATHERMAT®. The results are conclusive: this system is a must for all those who wish to increase their yields and the overall performance of their business. »