Innovation, expertise and commitment


Soleno Textiles inc. was founded in 1998 as a division of Soleno inc., the leading Canadian producer of polyethylene pipes.

Soleno Textiles is exclusively dedicated to the manufacturing of non-woven fabrics for technical use. Our mission is to create and market a variety of innovative products for the horticulture, civil engineering, environment and construction industries.

Our R&D staff is constantly searching for new ways to increase the performance, versatility and quality of our products. To this end, we often team up with researchers in the development and optimization of new products.

Thanks to an experienced team, strict control procedures and cutting-edge technology, Soleno Textiles develops products which meet the most demanding technical requirements. Indeed, we are proud to have been the very first enterprise to receive BNQ certification for the manufacturing of geotextiles. Prior to that, we had also established a standardized and certified work methodology for all our operations (ISO 9001:2008).

We are well tuned to today's manufacturing and marketing challenge. Our business objective is to provide our customers with value-added products which will give them a cost-effective edge in today's marketplace.

1BNQ: Bureau de Normalisation du Québec