How does it work?

The various layers of the AQUAMAT® system each have unique properties. Acting together, these layers gather, deliver and diffuse water to the roots of your plants. This is what generates cost-effective, high-yield results.

   1. Irrigation

Water is added to the mat by an irrigation system made up of micro-perforated tubes integrated into the mat. When AQUAMAT® is installed outside, both rainfall and water from irrigation is absorbed by the mat.  Therefore, there is optimal utilization of water!

With AQUAMAT®, growers can adjust water delivery rates and schedules to the different plants they grow and to the weather conditions so as to minimize over-watering.


   2. Absorption and diffusion

The reservoir mat offers exceptional retention capability and permits an efficient and uniform distribution of water throughout the AQUAMAT®. A waterproof polyethylene film prevents water and fertilizer loss.  Re-wetting is driven by individual pot needs.

   3. Capillary action

Coupled to the reservoir mat is a second fabric of lesser density that enables the distribution of water inside the mat through capillary action and also prevents any evaporation. This secondary layer allows water to enter the mat, but it is only released by the pressure of the pots when they are placed on top of the AQUAMAT®. Water is then drawn up into the substrate through the pot drainage holes.