The amount of watering will be calculated and adjusted according to the properties of the substrate used, the type of plants grown and the number of hours of sunshine received. Small quantities of water pulsated regularly are preferable to one long irrigation cycle (e.g. 3 cycles of 3 minutes each rather than a single 9-minute cycle). The Microfab upper layer will therefore have time to dry and prevent algae problems.


Benches should be flat and leveled so as to prevent any accumulation of water. In the case of wooden tables with planks which are more than 2 cm (3/4in) apart, it is highly recommended to cover the top with a leveling material which remains stable in humid conditions (e.g. Coroplast or rigid Styrofoam).


The container or tray design must be accessible to sub-irrigation systems. Pots having two levels of drainage holes provide optimal aeration, drainage and contact with the surface of the mattress. Commercial container designs are usually acceptable.

  • The container must have at least one drainage hole which touches AQUAMAT®
  • Pots of 7.5cm (3inches), model AZE: 2 levels of holes, including 4 in the lower level for capillary rise and 4 on the upper level for draining purposes.
  • 1 to 2 gallon pots: holes of 2cm ( 3/4 inch) in diameter.
  • 3 to 5 gallon pots (mature plants): holes of 2.5cm (1 inch) in diameter.
  • Trays: the bottom must be open so as to allow the base of the container to touch AQUAMAT ® directly.


Quality substrates optimize capillary action and maximize the efficiency of the AQUAMAT® system. A mix which contains more than 50% of sphagnum peat ensures excellent results.

  • A minimum of 30% (ideally 50%) of sphagnum peat or coconut fibers.
  • Texture: avoid materials whose particles are too fine (less than 0.25mm) or too crude (more than 10mm).
  • If irrigating with a spray, surfactant agents must be sprayed on the anti-root layer so  as to ensure instant water penetration.
  • If irrigating with a spray, surfactant agents must be sprayed on the anti-root layer so  as to ensure instant water penetration.


Algae-based liquid fertilizers or fish emulsions should be avoided. All other types of soluble fertilizers can be used with AQUAMAT®. Depending on the type of plantation, it is recommended to reduce the usual amount (up to 50%).

IMPORTANT ! - Pesticides and growth regulators

Growth regulators and pesticides must be used sparingly. Systemic pesticides applied by root absorption (sub-irrigation) or having important residual properties are to be avoided with AQUAMAT®. Foliage application of pesticides is the most recommended method when within the norms and the recommendations of your agronomist.