While using AQUAMAT®, the mat needs to be covered by the anti-root fabric Microfab so as to filter out debris and prevent sunlight from stimulating the growth of algae.



Dust and debris have to be swept off the surface, and the substrate must be washed out by water jets as often as possible in order to avoid clogging.

Thorough washing with water is also recommended between every cultivation, especially after a period of prolonged dryness and during salt accumulations resulting from over-fertilization or water with a high alkaline level.



A complete disinfection of the mat has to be done between after every harvest. Most hydrogen peroxide, chlorine or bromide-based disinfectants can be used in amounts that conform  to the recommendations of the manufacturer. It is advised to consult your agronomist in choosing the best type of disinfectant.

(Advice for disinfection during cultivation: use a solution of peroxide (at 30%) for every 2.5ml/L of water. This treatment can be done once a week without risks of burning the plants.


A complete disinfection must be done before storage. It is very important to let the mattress dry thoroughly before rolling it up for an undetermined length of time.

Store the mat in an environment with a room temperature inferior to 40°C (104°F) and protected from UV rays if it is to remain unused for a prolonged period.