How does it work?

AQUATHERMAT® adds the effectiveness of root heating to the numerous benefits of AQUAMAT®.

1. Irrigation

Water is introduced into the mattress through an irrigation system comprised of integrated, micro-perforated pipes. Note: For seedlings and cuttings, the use of an independent fogging system is recommended.

2. Diffusion of water and heat

Heating tubes warm up the irrigation water contained within AQUATHERMAT®. A reservoir layer with exceptional water-retention capacities brings about an efficient and uniform distribution of warm water throughout the mat.

As the cycle continues, the water returns from the crop and enters the return header, goes through the return piping and completes the cycle.  The water is then reheated and the process repeated.  

3. Capillarity

As a result of capillary action, the warm water is distributed to the root system through the pot drainage holes. This increases pot temperature without drying the substrate.