AQUATHERMAT® with electric hot water heater

The use of an electric water heater as a heat source is a very economical installation but, due to it's limited power, is only suitable for small surfaces.


  • A temperature sensor inserted in the substrate is used by the control system to calculate the supply temperature required to keep the soil at the proper set point.

  • An expansion tank and a pressure regulator (12 PSI) must be installed in order to protect the mat's hot water conducts.

  • The use of a mixing valve is not necessary as it is possible to modulate the heater temperature without having to respect a minimum temperature parameter.

  • The by-pass valve is used to adjust the circuit pressure.

  • The circulation pump must be activated at all times in order to keep an even temperature across the mats.

  • The purge and shut-off valves are most useful to bleed the air out of the system at start-up.