HIBERTEX PRO is specifically designed for protection against wintery conditions.. It is produced with high-quality UV-resistant polyester fibers . This non-woven cover protects all plants whose hardiness range is from 3 to 5. It mitigates the shock of sudden temperature changes brought about by alternating frosts and thaws. It also provides insulation in  light snowfall conditions.

The excellent insulating qualities of HIBERTEX PRO creates a suitable thermal cover for potted plants located in a field.




The best time for installation is before nightly temperatures reach -10°C, or just prior to a  first snowfall (depending on the area, this usually means at the end of October to the end of November).

Potted plants should be layed on their sides before covering them with HIBERTEX PRO. Plants which are more susceptible to temperature differences and winter desiccation should be covered with a polyethylene fabric. It is recommended to close and securely seal the ends to prevent any air infiltration. The cover should only be removed when temperatures of   -10°C and below are no longer a risk. HIBERTEX PRO should be stored away from sunlight after drying.