High-performance anti-root barrier

MICROFAB effectively controls the growth of wild plants as well as root development in the soil beneath the plants. Its micro-perforated surface stays dry and curbs the growth of algae or moss in the propagation area. The lining up of pots is made easier by gridlines printed every 15cm. Woven with treated anti-UV fibers, it is tear-resistant. Its exceptional endurance makes it a superior product for use throughout the horticultural industry.

MICROFAB can also be used in many different ways:

Pot in container nursery production

MICROFAB, when placed between the pot in the soil and the container of the plant, controls the growth of the roots via the drainage holes. This allows for an easier harvest of the potted plants. Water can circulate freely through this system, which also ensures long-term root-control. For obtain the best results, put MICROFAB inside the container of the plant.

Storage of trees for transplanting

MICROFAB is an ideal solution for trees that are prepared for transplanting and already bagged in jute or in wire baskets whether stored in trenches or then covered with soil. It lets water and fertilizers to pass through easily and reduces the decomposition rate of the jute. MICROFAB contains the root mass and faciltates transport and transplanting. For optimal results, it is recommended to replace the jute with MICROFAB during the initial transfer of the plant.


MICROFAB is the best choice for landscapers, green space professionals or golf course groundkeepers. Its unique structure enables a better control of wild plants in flowerbeds even when it is used on steep surfaces. It also allows the soil to retain its moisture and its heat as well as letting it breathe, therefore providing a healthier environment for the plants.

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